Private Jet Sales and Acquisitions

Simplifying Complex Aircraft Transactions 

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Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions: Protecting Your Interests First 

Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions: Protecting Your Interests First 

01 Review the Market in Real Time

Your decisions are only as good as the market intelligence you receive. NexGen’s team of aviation analysts assists our sales team with real time, 24/7 market data much like that of a seasoned Wall Street trading desk. With accurate up to the minute information that impact both your current and future decisions regarding your aviation asset, we are here to assure you are making the most informed choice.

02 A Proven Global Approach to Sell or Purchase Your Next Aircraft

With over 500+ successful sales transactions totaling nearly $9 billion in value, NexGen’s unique and proprietary process helps our clientele around the Globe maximize their aviation assets. Our focus is always on aligning our interests with those of our clients as trusted partners in the sales and acquisitions process.

03 The Advantage of a Global Footprint from a Sophisticated Boutique Firm

NexGen’s experience and technical background gleamed from hundreds of transactions around the globe and the management of a seasoned fleet of aircraft over the last several decades, combined with the industries most respected management team gives you unparalleled resources at your disposal. We don’t just buy and sell aircraft, we manage them, fly them, maintain them, and even own them ourselves. This gives you a significant edge when contemplating your next aviation decision.

04 Deal Management is Crucial

Today’s aircraft transactions are very complex deals sometimes involving teams of lawyers, financial consultants, bank lenders, insurance personnel, and C-Suite executives that could potentially span different continents and involves significant financial risk. Cross border aviation, tax and legal regulations can become a potential mine field if not handled by a seasoned aviation consulting team. Additionally, during the course of a deal, NexGen ensures that the interests of all parties on both sides of the transaction have their expectations aligned with the focus of a smooth and efficient transaction for our clients.

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