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Private Aircraft Management and Operations

Private Aircraft Management and Operations

01 A Trusted Turnkey Solution

NexGen Flight Solutions provides a full “turnkey solution” to simplify the Ownership of your aircraft. Our Team of Aviation Professionals have over 100 years of combined experience managing corporate aircraft. NexGen will provide all of the necessary support on a daily basis to take care of your investment.

02 Unmatched Commitment to Safety

We have a highly trained group of Professional Pilots who are trained at Flight Safety International and maintain currency throughout the year. Each pilot passes numerous check rides before they are released to fly your aircraft. Currency is tracked daily through our aviation software program to ensure that all details are maintained to the highest standards. NexGen will maintain your aircraft to the highest standards of maintenance required by the Manufacturer and the FAA. We use highly sophisticated tracking programs which provide a detailed analysis of the status of your aircraft.

03 Significant Cost Savings

NexGen has developed fleet purchasing discounts which we pass along to the Aircraft Owners. These discounts include, but are not limited to:
- NexGen has a fleet insurance policy with one of the highest rated Insurance Underwriters. We are able to provide large liability limits to protect your asset.
- NexGen has a Nationwide fleet fuel program which will reduce your monthly operating costs
- Should your aircraft be in maintenance and you need to travel, we will provide discounted rates on any replacement aircraft in our fleet.
- NexGen will source the most economical hangar options to protect your aircraft. In addition, we strive to hangar the aircraft at all times while on a trip. This additional step keeps your aircraft in top condition.

04 Unlimited Charter Potential

NexGen is an approved Air Carrier by the FAA. We are happy to place your aircraft into our Charter Fleet and provide revenue for the Owner when availability allows. Our charter sales team works to vet only the best, most lucrative trips on your aircraft. We review, oversee, and approve every flight to ensure they meet our exacting standards.

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