Everything you should know about 2000 BOEING 757-265

This Boeing 757-256 offers a remarkable combination of luxury, style, ultra-long range performance and security. Its recent interior completion (2012) by Jet Aviation Basel makes this aircraft one of the rare gems in luxury private aviation today.

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lt is the ideal aircraft for heads of state, VIPs, entrepreneurs, corporations, and private individuals whose business requirements demand the utmost in productivity and security complemented by superlative amenities that only a VIP Boeing 757 can offer. The aircraft offers cabin seating for up to 39 passengers.

Exquisitely designed and luxuriously appointed forward and aft lounges create an environment conducive to productive meetings and relaxing conversations. And when it’s time for some much-deserved rest, the mid-master bedroom and two guest rooms allow for quiet comfort and privacy. Total sleeping accommodations can serve from 16-21 passengers with full-flat beds.
Every consideration for passengers’ enjoyment and productivity has been addressed, from sophisticated big-screen media systems to wireless Internet access. A superlative avionics suite is complemented by an intrusion detection system with video recording.



Rolls Royce RB21 1-535-E4 (37)

Engine #1

  • Manufacturers S/N: 31713
  • Time Since New: 8,272
  • Cycles Since New: 6,724
  • Time Since Overhaul: 213
  • Cycles Since Overhaul: 116
  • Time Since Hot Section: 213
  • Cycles Since Hot Section: 116
  • First Limiter: HPC DISC 3

Engine #2

  • Manufacturers S/N: 31714
  • Time Since New: 12,084
  • Cycles Since New: 8,229
  • Time Since Overhaul: 210
  • Cycles Since Overhaul: 115
  • Time Since Hot Section: 210
  • Cycles Since Hot Section: 115
  • First Limiter: HPC DISC 3

Landing Gear

  • Cycles Since New:
    NOSE: 8,374 – L. MAIN: 8,374 – R. MAIN: 8,374
  • Next Overhaul Due:
    NOSE: 6-19 — L. MAIN: 6-19 –- R. MAIN: 6-19


  • Aircraft Ramp Weight: 256,000 Ibs.
  • Take-Off Gross Weight: 255,000 Ibs.
  • Max Landing Weight: 198,000 Ibs.
  • Zero Fuel Weight: 184,000 Ibs.
  • Total Fuel Weight: 100,971 Ibs. (14,932 US Gallons)
  • Basic Empty Weight: 149,604 Ibs. (Last Weighed 8/14)


  • Dual Honeywell 4052506-955 (Pegasus) FMC (Flight Management) Computers
  • Triple Honeywell FCC-703 FCC (Flight Control) Computers
  • Dual Collins GLU-920 MMRs (ILS, GPS) Receivers
  • Triple Honeywell HG1050AE11 IRUs (Inertial Reference) Units
  • Dual Honeywell 4040800-911 ADC (Air Data) Computers
  • Triple Collins VOR-900 VOR/Marker Beacon Receivers
  • Dual Collins DME Interrogators
  • ACSS XS-950 Transponders with Elementary Surveillance Enhancement
  • ACCES TCAS-2000 System (with Change 7.1)
  • Honeywell MKV Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System with Terrain Display
  • Triple Collins VHF-900B Transceivers (FM Immunity 8.33 Spacing)
  • Dual Collins HFS-900D Transceivers
  • Single Collins ADF Receiver
  • IS&S Flat Panel System with Primary Flight Display and Navigation Display Systems: Triple IS&S Data
  • Concentrator Units: Four (4) LCD Cockpit Displays
  • Honeywell 7200 SATCOM System with Integrated Cockpit Communication; EMS SATCOM Antenna System; C200 Data Compression Router with Both Wired and Wireless Network Access; Aircraft Equipped with Swift Broadband Access; Fax Capability
  • Honeywell ACARS Reporting and Datalink Communication System; VHF/SATCOM Linked
  • Dual Frequency ELT (121.5/406 MHz)


Airframe Features, Modifications

  • Dual Transponders with ELS/EHS /ADS-B OUT (European requirements) Capability Installed 2003 Iberia Airlines (Delta Engineering FAA STC STO1894NY, with EASA Approval)
  • Reinforced Cockpit Door Installed 2003 Iberia Airlines (C&D Aerospace FAA STC ST01334LA)
  • Aviation Partners Blended Winglet System Installation 2006 (FAA STC STO1518SE)
  • IS&S/ABX Air Cockpit Flat Panel Display System Installation 2007 (FAA STC S102372CH)
  • PATS 6 Tank (2 Forward, 4 Aft) Auxiliary Fuel System Installation 2010 (FAA STC ST5724NY-T)
  • Custom VIP Cabin Interior, Jet Aviation Basel Completion 2010 (FAA STC ST02359LA); Additional Potable Water Storage (160 gallon total); Vacuum Waste Disposal System; Cabin Air Humidification System; Integrated Aft Air-Stair System; Securaplane Intrusion Detection System with Video Recording
  • Airstair Installed at Jet Aviation Basel 2010 (Aerocon FAA STC $T00473LA)
  • Crew Ladder Installed at Jet Aviation Basel (Aercon FAA STC ST02048LA)
  • SATCOM (EMS) Antenna Installed at Jet Aviation Basel (Delta G Design FAA STC ST10920SC)
  • Teledyne eADL Enhanced Airbome Data Loader (USB Data Compatible) Installed at Associated Air Center 2015 (FAA 8110 Data Approval)

Cabin Features

  • Total Passenger Cabin Seating for 39
  • Full Flat Certified Sleeping Accommodations for 16 Passengers
  • Center Cabin Master Bedroom with Attached Master Lavatory and Full-Sized Shower
  • Split Cabin Layout with Forward and Aft Lounge Areas
  • Two (2) Center Guest/Office Rooms
  • 220V Utility And 110V Passenger Convenience Outlets
  • All LED Cabin Lighting
  • Electric Automatic Window Shades throughout Cabin

Forward Lounge

  • Seating for 12 in Four (4) Single and Two (2) Divans
  • One (1) Berthing Divan
  • Two (2) Dining Tables
  • Remote Control for All Cabin Features
  • Two (2) Wired and One (1) Wireless Phone Handsets
  • One (1) 32″ and One (1) 52″ LCD Entertainment Screen

Mid Master Bedroom/Lavatory

  • Queen Size Bed
  • Dedicated Entertainment Equipment
  • Wall Mounted and Individual Monitors/Touch Screen
  • Remote Control for All Cabin Features
  • One (1) Wireless Phone Handset
  • Combination Lock Storage Cabinet
  • Full-Size Shower
  • Custom Vacuum Toilet and Bidet
  • Custom Vanity with Faux Marble Counters and Floors

Mid Guest/Office Rooms (2 Identical)

  • Seating for Six (6) Per Room
  • Two (2) 3-Place Berthing Divans
  • Stowing Dining Table
  • One (1) Room and Two (2) Individual Entertainment Monitors
  • Overhead Storage Bins
  • One (1) Wired Phone Handset

AFT Lounge

  • Seating for 14 Passengers
  • One (1) 4-Place Seating Area with High/Low Table
  • One (1) 2-Place Club Seating Area with Folding Table
  • Eight (8) Full Flat Business Class Seats with Overhead Storage Bins
  • One (1) Wall Mounted and Eleven (11) Individual Entertainment Monitors
  • Remote Control for All Cabin Features
  • One (1) Wireless Phone Handset

Forward Galley

  • Two (2) High-Speed Steam Ovens
  • One (1) Coffee Maker
  • One (1) Espresso Maker (Bottle Filled)
  • One (1) Refrigerator/Freezer
  • One (1) Microwave Oven
  • Sink with Hot and Cold Water
  • Cabin Control Touch Screen
  • 220V/50Hz Service Outlets

AFT Galley

  • Three (3) High-Speed Steam Ovens
  • One (1) Microwave Oven
  • Trash Compactor
  • One (1) Ice Cream Freezer
  • One (1) Chiller Compartment
  • One (1) Refrigerator
  • Sink with Hot and Cold Water
  • 220V/50Hz Service Outlets

Entertainment Systems

  • Fully Integrated PGA Digital Cabin Management System
  • Wireless LAN System/Wired Ports with Internet Access
  • Three (3) Integrated MMP Players
  • One (1) Integrated 5-Disc CD Changer
  • Kalieidescape Audio/Video On Demand System with Integrated
  • Media Server Available to All Screens with Individual Control and Library; Two (2) 52″ LCD Monitors; Two (2) 32″ LCD Monitors; Two (2) 20″ LCD Monitors; Seventeen (17) 10″ Plug-In Seat LCD Monitors
  • Surround Sound System
  • 6-Way Exterior View Camera System
  • Airshow 4000 In-Flight Information System


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