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Aircraft owners in search of a truly personal approach to premium aviation management have a new home in NexGen Flight Solutions. NexGen provides concierge client services with an unwavering commitment to complete financial transparency accompanied by the familial connection only a client-centric organization can build.


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“Biggest is often considered with best in aircraft management, but our success proves there’s a real hunger for a different approach that emphasizes close-knit relationships,” said NexGen CEO and Founder Andrew C. Bradley. “Our compact, laser-focused team offers unparalleled versatility with attention to client preferences that you simply can’t find at larger organizations.” Launched in 2018 by a team of highly respected private aviation veterans, NexGen is led by industry notable and former Avjet Global president Bradley, whose life’s work has been the unrelenting pursuit of excellence in aviation. The firm’s international clientele comprises a diverse range of companies and UHNWI, including Fortune 500 organizations and global heads of state.
NexGen has ensured it stands out in a crowded field of competitors by making it a daily mission to unearth and adapt to each client’s specific needs and preferences — an approach that’s resulted in 600% growth in fewer than two years.
All clients receive a uniquely comprehensive management plan ranging from a complete flight department to a la carte services, transforming the ownership experience into a living, breathing relationship that maximizes results in every facet of the client’s life.
“We never pull a sales brochure or management profile off the shelf,’ said Kip Hayes, NexGen’s President of Sales. “Whether it’s an acquisition, sale or managing a Part 91 or Part 135 client’s aircraft, every project is tailor-made and bespoke to that particular client’s needs.”


A commitment to data-driven cost mitigation is a foundational element of NexGen’s client relationships. This model includes the organization’s emphasis on total financial transparency, as demonstrated by its exclusive fixed-fee pricing model. “Clients will never be in a situation where we’re selling them a product to meet our own profitability needs,” said Jon Conlon, NexGen’s Executive Vice President. This intense focus on the clients’ bottom line begins with a thorough analysis of every expenditure. Mr. Conlon, who previously worked as managing partner of a hedge fund before joining Avjet Global, takes great care in this endeavor. ‘The algorithms his team creates allow NexGen to leverage the fleet’s purchasing power to find cost savings on every leg. “Jon and his team combine a granular approach to each line item with a fluid, big-picture look at a client’s needs, forensically examining every cost center as it relates to the aircraft,” said Hayes.


In an industry filled with complex moving parts, NexGen’s prowess at fit-ting those pieces together to enhance efficiency stems from the company’s world-class roster of experienced aviation professionals. Bradley brings over 30 years of high-level transactional and operation experience, and his handpicked team adds a proven track record of industry accomplishment. ‘The core team meets every morning to discuss each account and how team members’ expertise can be leveraged to benefit the client. “You can put anyone on our team in front of a client and they’ll be in lockstep — the client can feel the level of understanding and care they’re receiving because it resonates throughout the entire organization,” said Hayes.


That level of expertise has helped the organization provide a firm footing for its clients as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to batter the aviation industry. NexGen staff are working tirelessly to answer clients’ questions and help them adjust their service plans to reflect new business realities, such as putting their aircraft on the charter market. Even as flying begins to return, Hayes says the organization’s already rigorous mission vetting is being enhanced to include the full scope of relevant health and quarantine considerations. “Throughout the organization, we approach every project trying to identify the unknowns we can mitigate against,” said Hayes, “That means asking questions about unique precautions required for passengers, ground supports safety considerations, the current pandemic the environment at a destination, and anything else that helps keep our clients and crews safe.”


“Part of what drove NexGen into existence was sensing a growing theme of owners lamenting that the ‘personal touch’ of aircraft management is frequently promised but rarely delivered,” said Conlon. To bring back that level of high-end personal service, the team prioritizes building deep relationships with clients. Conlon says it’s important to the NexGen team that clients know everyone in the company, and that everyone in the company knows the aircraft owner, their staff, and their family.
‘That intimate approach gives owners the assurance that comes from building substantial levels of trust with all the individuals involved with their aircraft, “Clients know they’re not just a number – they are a part of this organization,” said Hayes. “That gives them a tremendous amount of confidence that their asset is being taken care of.”


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