Private Jet Charter

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Aircraft Charter

Perfecting the World of Luxury Travel

Aircraft Charter

Perfecting the World of Luxury Travel

01 Concierge Level Service Provides You with Luxurious Opulence

NexGen wants our clientele to think of private jet travel as more than just a means of transportation to get to their exclusive destinations. We want every trip aboard our luxurious private jets to be just as eventful and exciting as the destination.

02 A Bespoke Experience as Unique as You Are

Here at NexGen no two flights are alike in attention to detail and ensuring that each of our charter clientele receives a bespoke experience as unique as they are. We take painstaking preparations before each flight to tailor the experience to exceed your expectations in every aspect. We work to create the same momentous and noteworthy flight you would enjoy if you owned the aircraft yourself. Our goal is for you to feel as if this is “your aircraft” not a charter aircraft.

03 Privacy, Discretion, and Safety

NexGen has the distinction of having attained the highest safety ratings in the industry and in many instances, we go well above and beyond to significantly exceed FAA and International regulations and aviation standards. Additionally, our primary focus beyond the safety of any flight is the privacy and discretion our clientele expect in every aspect.

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